6 Changes To Make In Your 30s To Set You Up For A Lifelong Success

6 Changes To Make In Your 30s To Set You Up For A Lifelong Success
16/04/2020 Tosin Olufemi

These may seem like small lifestyle changes but they will pave the way for big life achievements.


Here are 6 things to do in your 30s to be successful.

1. Stop trying to please everyone

People pleasers never go far. They are always too busy pleasing everyone else to do anything tangible for themselves. You can’t please everyone even if you tried. Everyone won’t like you and you have to accept that truth of life.


2. Define Your Values

Draw up a list of your top values and also strategies to achieve them. Do a quick mental check of where you are at the moment and how far you have to go to achieve your dreams. Get to work!


3. Build Your Network

Your network is your net worth. Who is in your circle? Be intentional about the people that surround you. Nobody deserves to be at your table if they bring nothing along. Remember, you can’t show up empty-handed either.

4. Build Yourself

Not showing up empty-handed means you have to develop yourself. You have to grow. Mentally, physically, financially. You need to know the circle you want to be a part of and do the work to get in there.

5. Be Content

Being content with what you have is the secret to fulfillment. It is okay to desire more and work towards it. But while at it, be happy and thankful for today.

6. Start Investing In Your Future

You need to start now. That house you want, that dream car, that business, that lifestyle won’t just happen by magic. It takes work, discipline, financial literacy, and a solid plan to make them happen.



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