Private Beaches In Lagos You Should Consider Visiting With Family This Holiday

Private Beaches In Lagos You Should Consider Visiting With Family This Holiday
27/11/2019 Contributor

Christmas is upon us!!! Whoop whoop!. I don’t know who is more excited about Christmas between myself and my toddler. Lol. It’s my favourite time of the year and I usually start counting down from October. Lol. I have taken the liberty to compile fun beaches you can visit with family this holiday.


Here are some ideas of private beaches in Lagos that will give you memories you always wanna hold on to.
Atican beach resort
At Atican beach, you are guaranteed of good food, music, quiet beach life, fun club life at night, activities for children and of course rooms for lodging. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to travelling to Zanzibar, then Atican beach is your best bet.
• Tarkwa bay beach
I was beyond impressed on my first visit to Tarkwa Bay. I like that the beach is clean and quiet and also love the boat experience you need to go through to get to Tarkwa Bay. If you are trying to get away from Lagos hustle and bustle, this is a great place to consider.
• Suntan beach
Suntan Beach is in the outskirt of Lagos. Badagry to be precise. The peace and serenity is surreal at Suntan beach. Consider Suntan beach if all you want is some peace and quiet as the beach doesn’t have a lot of activities going on there. It is for people who need time away to relax.
• Barracuda beach resort
Barracuda Beach Resort is situated at Okun Mapo Village, Ajah, Lagos. This is one of the few beaches in Lagos that offers more than the water side. There is a swimming pool, basket ball court, and volley ball court at Barracuda.
• La Campagne Tropicana beach resort
La Campagne Tropicana promises luxury at its finest. Think of a clean beach, lagoon, and mangrove forest. You can go fishing with your family and friends at La Campagne, explore the forest or stay on the beach. There is so much going on here that you most likely will lose track of time. Lol.
Other fun places to visit in Lagos