10 Manners Kids Ought To Know

10 Manners Kids Ought To Know
09/08/2019 Tosin Olufemi

Basic etiquette and good manners every kid needs to learn.

Good manners will always get them noticed in positive ways. Here are 10 basic manners every kid should know.

1. Say Please

When they want something, they need to learn to say please. Nobody wants to be around rude people.


2. Say Thank You

This will help them become independent adults with less sense of entitlement. When someone gives you something or does something for you, you need to show gratitude.


3. Don’t Interrupt

Except there is an emergency, kids are not allowed to interrupt when grown-ups are talking.


4. ‘Excuse Me’

If you must interrupt, then do so politely. The phrase “excuse me” is the most polite way  to interrupt an ongoing conversation.


5. ‘And You’?

When people ask how you are faring, remember to ask them too.

6. Knock, Knock, who is there?

Always knock on closed doors and wait for permission to come in.

7. No Name Calling, No Making Fun Of People.

Never call people names. It is not acceptable. No name calling, ganging up or making fun of friends or classmates.


8. Etiquette!

No nose picking, yawning, coughing or sneezing without covering your mouth.

9. Ask for Help, When You Need It

Don’t reach over people’s food or heads at the table to grab anything. Ask to have them passed -politely.


10. Say Sorry

If you bump into someone, take responsibility and say sorry.


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