Potty Training: Everything You Need To Know To Get Started

Potty Training: Everything You Need To Know To Get Started
08/12/2021 Mayowa

Potty training can be frightening, especially for a first-time mother or a mother who is teaching a child of a different gender!

It won’t be a stroll in the park, but it also won’t be a nightmare. You only need to arm yourself with the necessary information and a great deal of patience to get started.


  1. Your child must be prepared.


 Nothing is easier than training a ready-to-learn child. If your child begins to exhibit interest in her potty, as well as other toilet activities such as flushing and hand washing, or simply tells you when she poops in her diaper, this is a good sign. Those are the warning indicators you should pay attention to. You might be ready to embark on the potty training adventure.

  1. Make yourself available. 


Only begin potty training when you have at least three full days available. During these three days, your kid will be naked inside the house while you study his bowel movement, frequency, and pattern.


  1. Don’t get upset if something goes wrong.


 Accidents are bound to happen. Accidents involving poop and pee. So prepare yourself and brace yourself. Do not scream or become agitated. If you guide your child instead of shouting, he will learn and perform better. Overreacting can make the youngster afraid to go the following time, resulting in constipation.


  1. Maintain Consistency. 

 Either you go all in or you’re out. You can’t go potty today and then put on a diaper tomorrow. It’s perplexing for your kid. Bring sweets, prizes, and the potty on a daily basis!


  1. Hygiene is a must.


 Every time you go to the bathroom, you should wash your hands. Also, show them how to clean up after themselves on the potty.