Giving Children Choices For Empowerment

Giving Children Choices For Empowerment
14/09/2021 Mayowa

Do you want your kid to throw less tantrums and cooperate better? Offer choices. Let kids make small decisions like what plate they want to eat with, what colour of shirt to wear or what cartoon they will like to watch.

Some children are happy to go with the flow and do whatever is asked of them or take whatever an adult instructs. However,   with toddlerhood comes the fight for freedom, independence and self-reliance. Most often than not, toddler will throw tantrums when they can’t have there way. Offering choices is a good way to empower your children and also reduce the occurrence of tantrums.

Giving children choices gives a sense of power and control over what they do. It’s an important skill to learn while growing up. They will always be faced with options and the ability to make good decisions will help them get ahead faster. The secret is to offer 2 options you are comfortable with and have them pick one for themselves.

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How to offer choices to  children

A good way to start giving children choices is to select two or three things and let the child choose from them.

These choices are easy to allow children to make:

  • “Which book would you like to read first?”
  • “Do you want  strawberry or banana with your oatmeal?”
  • “Would you like to use red or green crayons ?”
  • “Would you like to ride your bicycle or watch cartoon?”
Let me know if this works well with your kids. 👇👇👇