5 Tips for Choosing Educational Electronic Toys

5 Tips for Choosing Educational Electronic Toys
10/10/2019 Tosin Olufemi

Walking into toy shops can be overwhelming. As new parents, it is easy to get confused when buying. Here is a guide for age appropriate, fun and educational toys that will aid your child’s learning experience. Thank me later.

When shopping for toys, always have it at the back of your mind that you want toys that don’t only entertain but also educates your kids. Here is what o look out for.

1. Safety

What material is the toy made of? Is it small enough to be swallowed to cause choking hazard? Also, avoid toys with button batteries or small detachable parts so they don’t get swallowed.

2. Entertainment

Toys should be fun! If it’s boring to use, it becomes more like “homework”. Know what your child loves and get toys that encourage those activities. For example, if your kid likes music, then a piano or drum set is ideal. If he likes cooking, a learning kitchen is a perfect gift.

3. Does it complement your child’s other tools of play?

High-tech toys shouldn’t replace basic traditional ones like building blocks and board books as they help kids develop fine motor skills and encourages imaginative play. .

4. Make sure it is age appropriate

For safety and ability to use, it is better to go for age appropriate toys.


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