Crib To Bed: What To Consider Before Moving Your Baby To A Big Kid Bed

Crib To Bed: What To Consider Before Moving Your Baby To A Big Kid Bed
16/09/2019 New Mums Hub Staff

Transitioning from crib to a toddler bed is exciting! Here are 5 tips to ensure smooth transition.


1. Find out if your kid is ready for the big move

Is your toddler uncomfortable in the crib now? Can he climb down from his crib? Is he excited about sharing your bed? If yes, your child may be ready for the big move.

2. Childproof your home

You don’t want your gentleman wandering down the stairs at 3:00am half asleep! Do a safety sweep of every house area your toddler can access. lock the stairs gate, bolt the cabinet, kitchen area should be inaccessible, place safety latches on the shelves and drawers. Use a child monitor if need be to alert you when your child is up and moving.Childproofing is key!

3. Will you get a new bed or is the crib convertible?

If you have a convertible crib, that’s probably the easiest next step. Otherwise, you could place your crib mattress on the floor. If you are getting a new toddler bed or regular bed for your toddler, ensure one that’s less than 3 feet off the ground—and install guardrails.

4. Be prepared for Drama

Your kid can wake up one day and insist on getting her crib back. The transition won’t be instant. Expect it to take up to a month of two to fully adjust. Hang in there and stay positive.

5. Avoid making the switch during major events

The arrival of a new baby,  weaning, starting day care or preschool, potty training and all can make the transition difficult as your kid already feels insecure in some ways.


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