Family Meals: How To Cook Yam Porridge

Family Meals: How To Cook Yam Porridge
25/10/2019 Mayowa

Yam porridge or yam pottage as some people prefer to call it is a delicious Nigeria delicacy. Although eaten by most tribes, it is more common in the Yoruba speaking parts of Nigeria.


If you have ever eaten asaro/yam porridge, you know this is one delicacy to be enjoyed regularly and guess what, it is so easy and fast to prepare! Here is all you need to know.


1. Average sized yam

2. Blended pepper, tomato and onion

3. Palm oil

4. Ground crayfish

5. Smoked fish (optional)

6. Prawns (optional)

7. Salt

8. Seasoning cube

9. Vegetables



How to cook asaro

Sisi Jemimah


1. Slice and peel the yam

2. Cut them into medium sized yam. Transfer them into a bowl of water immediately and rinse

3. Pour into a pot and boil for 10-15

Add the blend of pepper, tomato, onion and palm oil

Add onion and crayfish and mix thoroughly

Add salt to taste and seasoning cube

Cook for 15 minutes

Add prawns, smoked fish or cat fish

Mash to desired texture.

Simmer for 5 minutes

Add parsley or any desired leafy vegetable

Serve hot.

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