New Mum Life: How To Cope If Your Baby Cries A Lot

New Mum Life: How To Cope If Your Baby Cries A Lot
15/03/2021 Tosin Olufemi

You may not be able to soothe your baby even if you’re doing all the right things. When your baby cannot stop crying, you may find yourself stressed and very frustrated – trust me this has happened with my baby and me quite a few times. If this happens, below is a coping plan to help you: –

 Put your baby in a safe place, like their crib, cradle, or bassinet.
– Leave the room and gently close the door.
– Take time to calm yourself before you try to soothe the baby again.
 Some ways to calm and distract yourself are:  deep breathing, a good stretch, listening to music or a warm shower
– Ask your partner, friends, or family for help.
Short periods of crying while you calm yourself will not hurt your baby.
 Holding your baby when you’re frustrated or angry can lead to shaking. Babies and young toddlers have heavy heads and weak neck muscles. Even a few seconds of shaking can lead to brain injury causing blindness, hearing loss, inability to walk, learning problems, and in some cases may even cause death. So, never shake the baby or child for any reason. The early years ❣️
what to do if your baby is always crying

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