#AskMamaMatron: What To Eat To Produce More Breastmilk

#AskMamaMatron: What To Eat To Produce More Breastmilk
28/06/2018 Tosin Olufemi
Question: What meals should a breastfeeding mum eat to produce more breastmilk?

Dear Mum, 

There are a lot of lactation-boosting foods you can add to your menu list but before we talk food, let’s run through these tips.

#AskMamaMatron: What To Eat To Produce More Breastmilk


1. Keep everything you eat or drink warm.
2. Breast massage: Use a warm face towel to massage your breast from under bust upwards towards the nipple. This helps open blocked ducts and loosens lumps. It allows easy flow of milk.

3. Nurse often. The more you breastfeed the more your supply.

4. Stay hydrated. Drink enough water daily.

5. Remember that your breast will produce enough milk for your baby so don’t judge your supply by breast engorgement or leaks. Leaking often stops after your supply adjusts to your baby’s needs.

6. Rest well. Sleep when your baby sleeps.

7. Consider pumping to increase the frequency of emptying the breasts.

8. Avoid pacifiers

9. Make sure your baby empties one breast before switching to the other so she gets both the foremilk and hindmilk (which is richer as it contains higher fat content). Hindmilk is the milk the baby sucks at the end of a feeding on one breast.

Now let’s talk food

1. Mums swear by hot pap and Amala
2. Oatmeal
3. Add a bit of garlic to your food.
4. Drink water
5. Eat balanced diets.
6. Vegetables & fruits
7. Meat, fish, egg, and milk
8. Raw nuts (like almonds