Back2School: Healthy Lunch Box Tips For School

Back2School: Healthy Lunch Box Tips For School
24/09/2020 Tosin Olufemi

These School lunch box meal ideas and tips are a must-know if your kids are returning to school after such a long time. Asides the worry of keeping them safe and practicing necessary hygiene and social distancing, another priority on your list would be school lunches. Not to worry, I have put together useful tips for packing a healthy lunch box for child care, preschool, and school.

COVID 19 seems to be fading out and everywhere is opening up again. It’s such a relief mixed with a handful of panic especially when it comes to school children resuming soon. While you ensure they have sanitizers in their bags, packing a healthy lunch is also necessary. Here are my top 6 tips for packing healthy school meals.
1. When you go food shopping, try to buy enough to make your child’s lunches for the whole week. This way, you won’t run out fast.
back2school: healthy lunch box ideas for kids


2. Engage your child while packing.  Kids are more likely to eat food chosen by them.
3. Meal prep and meal plan will make it easier for you. Packing the night before also makes the morning rush smoother
4. Try to ensure you include foods from each of the five food groups in your child’s lunch box to give your child the energy and nutrients he needs to grow, learn, play and stay healthy.
5. Get creative with the lunch box. Aim for rainbow and fun shapes.  Colorful and artistic cutlery can also help jazz up the lunch box.
6. Introduce wraps and finger foods. They’re easier for kids to handle.