Get Your Toddler Talking With These 5 Tips!

Get Your Toddler Talking With These 5 Tips!
04/10/2019 Mayowa

Toddlers talk, like a lot! Lol. Even with very few words, they just want to keep talking. It’s fun for them and develops their communication skills. If you feel your toddler doesn’t talk enough and you will like to engage him in conversations, here are 5 ways to get him talking.


1. Play word games

Learn is fun for kids if it comes in form of play. Play the “what is this” game often with your kid. Point at a ball and ask what is this? Start with a few words and add more as your toddler masters those words. Also you can use flash cards to help your toddler identify more objects. For older toddlers, use a slightly more complex game called “What Happens Next?” Start by telling your toddler a story, stop half way and ask your toddler to tell you how the story should end. This encourages his creativity, spontaneity and improve his vocabulary. For example, tell a story about a missing dog. Then ask your toddler “Where do you think the dog went?” He may say, under the table! You can ask then ask him for more details till he brings the story to a meaningful end himself.

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2. Record videos

Kids love the camera! And will you get a standing ovation worthy performance once they realize the camera is on them. Ask your child to sing his favourite nursery rhyme or ask series of questions like a TV interview. Play back the video for him to watch himself, it will encourage him to do more. 

3. Chat on the phone.

Kids loves make-believe plays. Give your toddler a toy phone and try to make conversations with him over the phone. Pose questions that require a response. Like”how are you? What is your name? Where are you? Have you eaten? This will force your toddler to use his words. Also when family and friends call, pass on the phone and ask your toddler to say hello.

4. Rehash the day.

Life is all about adventures to toddlers. Before bed time daily, tell your toddler how your day went and ask about hers. Did she make new friends at the playground? What’s her name?  If your child still speaks in one- or two-word spurts then you can get the details by asking very specific questions. Frame your questions so that they require more than a yes or no response. This also helps you stay aware of your child’s activities and pick up details that were left out of the daycare report.

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5. Include him in conversations with others.

Encourage your child to speak up when he has opinions and do this by asking for it. If you and your partner are trying to decide on what to have for dinner, for example, ask your toddler related questions. (“What did you have for lunch? What will you like for dinner?”) Even if you decide on something else, your toddler still feels his opinion counted.


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