Getting Kids More Involved At Home

Getting Kids More Involved At Home
30/06/2020 admin

Playtime is messy. From the hip of toys to the full laundry baskets.  If you want your kids to lend a hand with house chores, especially with the mess they created, keep reading the simple tips below.


Did you know even your toddler can help do chores around the house? Yes, you read it right. Here is all you need to know.



  • Start early: You need to start asking them to help out early enough so it becomes part of their routine. Kids of all ages can help around the house but match the task with their age. It should be age-appropriate. Your young toddlers can help put the toys away or put little things in place or rinse apples or carrots.




  • Be consistent: Make it a routine for your child to get the job done. Few tasks at the same time each week is enough to make it part of their routine. While at it, try to mix up the tasks you give to them. Don’t forget to assign chores they can handle at their age.




  • Praise them often:  Praising them encourages them and motivates them to do more. To do this genuinely, you have to accept their imperfection. Don’t expect it to be perfect like you would have done it. Let them know they did a good job of finishing their tasks. You can also give them a title. Kids want to be seen as good and love it when their parents are proud of them. 


Age-appropriate chores for kids


  • Work together as a team:  Convert house chores into bonding time with your kids. This way, you get to know which chore they prefer doing. You also get to show them how it is done properly. They know what they should do and how to do it.