How Dads Can Support New Mums

How Dads Can Support New Mums
16/09/2019 Tosin Olufemi

Giving birth changes everything about you. Your life, your emotions, everything. As a new mum, you need as much support as you can gather. This article will guide your partner on how he can help out and make you feel better after delivery.


There’s a lot of pressure to be strong and supportive, but it can be so hard to know exactly HOW. Especially when dads are trying to deal with the emotional challenges involved with becoming a new parent.
Let’s unpack this picture a little bit:

1. Listening without fixing

It’s tough, but the truth is there isn’t really a solution for the emotions women feel after they give birth. Sometimes they just need a shoulder.

2. Taking initiative

Helping when asked is GREAT. But many women feel bad about asking for help. Sometimes they aren’t even sure how to. Taking initiative and just DOING can mean so much.

3. Be Open

Women NEED to know how you’re doing. For your sake and yours. It helps her feel connected to you and can help you cope with this new change.

4. Encourage her

Tell her she’s a GREAT mom. Thank her for doing the dishes. Compliment her swaddling techniques. Notice the weight she lost. ANYTHING.

5. Be assertive about dates…but patient about sex

She needs to know you find her sexy and desirable still, but she may not be ready to actually have sex yet. Cuddling, eating dinner, and flirting can still keep the romance while respecting her body’s healing period.

6. Surprise her

Breakfast in bed, a mom mug, offering to do a task she usually takes care of…these little things make a huge difference.

7. Say “I Love You”. A lot.

It’ll never get old. 😉 These are just small things that my husband did to help me. Mamas, what helped during your postpartum period? What do you WISH he did?


Source: Raising Babies Confidently/IG

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