Understanding Your Toddler’s Feelings, Actions & Emotions

Understanding Your Toddler’s Feelings, Actions & Emotions
04/04/2020 Tosin Olufemi

Parents can get in the way of their toddlers’ development by overcorrecting, criticizing and trying to tame them. Children who feel securely loved and have parents who step back a little, grow to be resilient, empathetic, and curious. This doesn’t mean we let them have their way always. It just means knowing how to pick our battles wisely.

Know that your toddler is at a stage in life where developing independence is key. ⁣

Have a balance between giving your child some control and teaching him the difference between right and wrong. That’s where giving choices come in. ⁣

  1. Be Realistic: Avoid putting your toddler under pressure to grow up. Let them be little. Be realistic with your expectations.
  2. Accept your child for who he is: Understanding children are different and accepting them for who they are is the first step in the right direction in building lasting relationships with them.
  3. Be present: Always choose presence over presents. Spend much time as you can afford with your toddler. Your presence makes her feel safe and loved and this helps her grow into an emotionally secure adult.
  4. Be consistent: Let your no be no and be consistent. Don’t overlook something you will get angry over tomorrow.
  5. Pick your battles: This is one of the most common advice we are given as new parents. But what does it really mean? It means we need to learn to give control to our toddlers sometimes and we can’t always win.
  6. Set boundaries: Toddlers need limits and authority. You are in charge. Make it clear.What are the things you can’t compromise on? What is the cast in stone values? Make a mental note of those and run with that.
    You’re in charge. Toddlers need limits and are looking for authority. Knowing each child is unique and treating them individually is also very important and will go a long way to building better relationships with them.
    What other tips do you have mamas?
    Please share. I’ll be in the comments.

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