Why You Need To Hug Your Baby A Lot

Why You Need To Hug Your Baby A Lot
21/01/2020 Tosin Olufemi

Have you been told not to hug or carry your baby too much to avoid her getting spoilt? I am about to debunk that myth in this article. Before we start, draw your baby close and give her a big teddy hug!


Not only should you hug your baby when they are being sweet, you should also hug them when they are throwing tantrums and pushing your last buttons.


Hugging you child is very important and plays a huge role in their emotional development and stability.

1. A hug says ‘I love you, no matter what’

2. A hug reduces stress and anxiety

3. A hug says “I hear you even if I don’t agree with you”

4. A hug says “you are not alone”

5. A hug says “I am here for you”

6. A hug says “I understand you”

7. A hug says I see your emotions running deep and you can lean on me”

8. A hug helps your child feel safe and secure

9. Hugs feel good!

10. Hugs make babies happy!


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