What To Do If Your Baby Keeps Crying

What To Do If Your Baby Keeps Crying
28/01/2020 Tosin Olufemi

One of the biggest shockers I had as a new mum was that babies cry. A lot! Newborns are born with different temperaments and some are more sensitive than others.

Many new parents wonder if something is wrong with their parenting or their baby. I have put together some baby calming strategies to help you till your baby becomes easier to read.

  1. Skin-to-skin contact or wearing your baby: This provides warmth and also makes your newborn feel safe in your arms.
  2. Change diaper: Some babies can’t stand wet or dirty diapers. In fact, no baby should be left in those to avoid diaper rashes.
  3. Burp: Gas trapped in your baby’s belly can be uncomfortable. While feeding, babies take in some gas and burping and stomach massage will help your baby release this trapped gas.
  4. Feeding: Nothing makes a baby wail faster than hunger. Lol. If your baby won’t stop crying, try feeding.
  5. Sing: Babies love rhythms. Sing a soft and slow paced song to calm your baby down.
  6. Know the triggers: Study your newborn. Does she cry more when she is tired, sleepy or just waking up? Knowing the triggers arms you to prepare ahead.
  7. Go Outside: Change of scenery can help calm a crying baby down. If your baby won’t stop crying, go outside.
  8. White noise: White noise has a soothing effect on babies. You can download white noise off YouTube. The sound of Air Conditioning system and hair dryer is similar to white noise and works well too.
  9. Change Clothing: If your baby is too cold or too hot, a change of clothing is needed to calm your baby down. Also, a label or thread can irritate your baby and make her cry non-stop.
  10. Try different holds: Try adjusting how you are carrying your baby to ensure he is comfortable.


Do you have other tips, please share!


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