Newborn Worries: My Baby Poops After Every Feed

Newborn Worries: My Baby Poops After Every Feed
23/10/2019 Tosin Olufemi

Babies are different and so is their bowel movement. Some babies poop after each feed while some go three days interval. Both are normal surprising. However, here are a few things to note.


If a breastfed baby poops after every feed, it means he is getting enough milk and this is a good sign that mummy is producing enough. Formula-fed babies have less frequent bowel movement because formula takes a while longer to digest. This doesn’t make it abnormal if they also poop after every feed.


The frequency of bowel movements usually slows down between 3 and 6 weeks even though some babies carry on this way till they are one year old.

Get to know your newborn. If her bowel movement is fairly consistent and she’s acting normal, then there is nothing to worry about. However, if there’s a sudden change in your baby’s bowel movement pattern and his stool becomes watery, check with his doctor. Very watery bowel movements might mean an infection.  Babies who have very frequent bowel movements are more prone to diaper rash. Coat his bottom with a petroleum jelly If his bottom isn’t red, but use a diaper cream with zinc oxide if there’s redness. Also explore diaper free time everyday.

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