Teaching Toddlers About Private Parts

Teaching Toddlers About Private Parts
06/02/2020 Tosin Olufemi

Learn how to answer questions about genitals in an age-appropriate way.


Anxiety creeps in every time children ask questions that remotely has anything to do with sex and private parts. Relax mama, to kids, genitals are pretty much the same as the eyes, nose and teeth which is why your champ can ask so freely. It is just another part of the body.


Here is a guide to answer your toddler correctly and teach them about their private parts.

1.  Be direct, and stay matter-of-fact.

Just as you will answer questions about eyes and elbows, do the same for their private part. Be direct with your response.

2. Use the anatomically correct name for the body part (“vagina,” “penis”) and avoid baby talk — using funny words will just confuse them and make them only more curious.

3. Give age appropriate answers

If they ask what the genitals are for, you can say that they’re for going to the bathroom. That’s not a lie.

4. Answer Honestly

Children are curious beings. If they ask you why their genitals are different from others, let them know everyone is different. Your hair is black, your sister’s is brown. You are unique in your own ways. Also boys have different genitals from girls making them unique in their own way. This teaches them the differences in sex and genitals.

5. Keep it short and straightforward.

This makes your child comfortable enough to ask you more questions instead of asking strangers who can end up abusing them. Don’t act embarrassed so it paves way for more honest conversations in the nearest future.



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