How To Brush Your Toddler’s Teeth (Even When They Hate To Brush!)

How To Brush Your Toddler’s Teeth (Even When They Hate To Brush!)
09/01/2020 Tosin Olufemi

It is always a war brushing for toddlers. For strange reasons, the little humans see toothbrushing as punishment. Lol! And as you know, oral care is negotiable. So how do you get your toddler to brush his teeth? Here are some mum hacks that will help even if your toddler hates to brush.


1. Use brushing apps

There are several toothbrush apps aimed at making your work easier as a mum. Check your playstore for free apps like the Mickey Mouse brushing app.



2. Sing Along!

‘This is the way I brush my teeth, brush my teeth, brush my teeth, this is the way I brush my teeth early in the morning”. Seeing other kids (even on screen) brushing will make your toddler want to be a part of the fun. Maximize songs and fun videos.


3. Character Toothbrushes

There is something about toddlers and their favourite characters! Get a toothbrush with their best character on it and you’ll most likely get a free pass to brush their teeth with it.

4. Use gauze/wash clothes before brushing

Start with a soft and clean wash cloth before brushing. Go round the gum and the teeth, followed by the toothbrush. This way, the mouth is already half clean and you won’t have to brush for too long.


5. Show Excitement

Just like bath time, make brushing time fun. Get excited and show it! Toddlers hate to be left out of the fun.



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