This Is Why Your Baby Needs Tummy Time

This Is Why Your Baby Needs Tummy Time
14/01/2020 Tosin Olufemi

Tummy time, just as it reads, is simply the time your baby spends on his belly. This encourages him to lift his head to look around. This activity helps strengthen the head, neck and shoulder muscles needed for crawling and other motor skills.


Here, learn the basics of tummy time.

1. Start Early

Start as early as birth. Place your baby on his tummy a few times a day for a few minutes. Ensure this activity is closely supervised to avoid suffocation, death or other injuries.


2. Include in daily activities

After diaper change, during massages, exercises, towel drying after bath, on your chest or even carry on the forearm. Make it fun for your baby.


3. Ensure your baby is fully awake

Before you start, make sure your baby is fully awake and not dozing to avoid him burying his head if he falls asleep


4. Never immediately after feeding

Avoid spit ups. Wait for at least 45 minutes after feeding to practice tummy time.


5. Ensure the surface is smooth and stable

Do not practice tummy time on the bed. You can use a playmat or gym mat on the floor. Ensure the surface is flat, smooth and stable.



Why is Tummy Time important?

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