How To Help Your Picky Eater

How To Help Your Picky Eater
15/01/2020 Tosin Olufemi

Why do some kids act like they hate food? Research shows there are a lot of reasons why a child can refuse to eat at mealtimes. Here are the most common causes and how to help them get over the fear of food.


Personality traits, lack of appetite, parental control, social influences, maternal eating patterns and dislike for that meal are some of the most common reasons why children refuse food.


How to help your picky eater

1. Offer food even if your child always says no

2. Avoid pressurizing, praising, bribing, pranking or forcing your child to eat

3. Avoid distractions at mealtimes. No TV, iPads, cartoon or any other form of distraction should be within reach.

4. Allow your child to feed himself if he chooses to even if he make a huge mess of it.

5. Act indifferently. Like it doesn’t matter if he eats or not. It is no big deal.


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How To Help A Picky Eater Feed Better



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