5 Steps to Potty Training Success

5 Steps to Potty Training Success
22/10/2019 Mayowa

There is no black magic to potty training. It takes patience and consistency to succeed.


5 Steps to Potty Training Success

1. Ease Into It

Take it a step at a time. Start by letting him sit on the potty fully clothed (with diapers on). Try singing a song, telling a story or reading a book to get him sit longer on the potty. Once he gets comfortable sitting on the potty, it’s time for a routine.

2. Start a Routine

Know your child. Find out the signs of needing to urinate or have a bowel movement and grab his potty immediately. Also sit him on the potty at regular intervals during the day. First thing once he wakes up in the morning, 20 minutes after a drink, meal or snacks. Note: Accidents may happen. He may miss the potty and pee or poo on the floor. Don’t worry about it. Things will take shape soon enough.

3. Praise Her Successes

Celebrate the little wins even if the progress is slow. Be positive even if she’s making slow progress. It will keep your child motivated. When she has accidents, clean them up without criticizing her.

4.  Be a Good Model

It’s okay to let him observe an older sibling using the bathroom or even stay with you when you are using the toilet. Be a good model.

5.  Don’t Push It

Try for a few weeks but if your child is totally not interested. Take a break for a while, he is probably not ready yet. Some children go several training cycles before they are actually ready.

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