This Could Be Why Your Baby Is Cranky +Calming Tips Mums Swear By

This Could Be Why Your Baby Is Cranky +Calming Tips Mums Swear By
01/06/2020 Tosin Olufemi

Dealing with a cranky baby can be tough to handle especially if you are a new mum or dad. How does your baby change from being a sweet angel to a super cranky little human in minutes? It can be really confusing if you don’t know how to manage fussy babies. These tips will help you. 


Lots of things can make a baby cranky ranging from indigestion to food sensitivity. Babies do not know how to communicate just yet, hence, the constant tears. It’s their way of getting your attention and letting you know they are in some form of discomfort.  


Here are 5 tips to soothe cranky baby mums swear by
1. Feeding

A fed baby is a happy baby. One of the first things to check when your baby is cranky or crying is how long ago she fed. Is she going to a spurt growth and therefore, require more food and desires to nurse more often? Try feeding if your baby’s last feed was a while ago.

Mixed race mother nursing newborn baby

2. Temperature

Heat can make your baby super cranky. A baby only needs to be dressed one extra layer more than you. Overdressing can lead to more serious problems like heat stroke.


3. Boredom

Just like adults, babies get bored. Keep your baby active during wake up times. Tummy time, activity gym, playmat rolling are some of the games you can engage your baby in. Dangling toys and flashlights are equally fascinating to babies.

4. Dirty Diaper

Nothing irritates a baby more than a soiled diaper. If you have tried everything and nothing works, change the diaper. It could be wet and irritating your baby’s butt or just uncomfortable.

5. Attention

Babies are suckers of attention. They can be perfectly fine with the room temperature, well-fed, no colic, clean diaper, and still wail the house down when they want attention. Try cuddling, gentle swaying, and skin-to-skin contact by placing your baby on your chest when this happens. It will help your baby feel better.


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