Fun Daily Activities For Kids 

 Fun Daily Activities For Kids 
15/06/2020 Contributor

Family exercising together outside.

Recent happenings has made sitting to watch TV and staying longer with electronic devices very tempting. Regardless, your children need to burn off energy. It is necessary for their well being.  Exercise is good for kids as it helps build a stronger heart, bone and muscle. It increases healthy growth and development. It increases concentration.

Your kids don’t necessarily need the gym to exercise. They can exercise at home during recess, dance class, while playing soccer, riding bikes or playing tag. It helps lower blood cholesterol levels, less risk of becoming overweight, leaner bodies. Plus fit kids sleep better. 



On a playground there are kids who show endurance, strength and flexibility. the exercise should be aimed at  these three factors.

Aerobic exercises help strengthen the heart and improves the body’s ability to deliver oxygen to necessary parts in the body. E.g running, jogging, soccer. Exercises that improve strength includes, pull ups, stomach crunches and pushups. Eg climbing and wrestling.

Flexibility exercises are aimed at allowing muscles and joints move easily. E.g cartwheel.  Sixty minutes of moderate physical activity or exercise daily is enough. To make this effective, minimize the time spent watching TV, playing video games and avoid giving your kids unhealthy foods.


Below are the list of exercise ideas for your kids




  • DANCING: Try make it fun by dancing with them. Especially if you have toddlers you can learn new moves on YouTube.




  • SOCCER: This exercise helps achieve the main goal of burning out the energy. 




  • INDOOR ACTIVITY STATIONS: This ranges from jumping the rope, planking, skipping or jumping jacks.




  • JUMPING: You can sing along with them and make it fun or make them jump on the bed before they make it. This will ensure they enjoy it while achieving the end result of being fit.