What Makes Great Parents? Here Are Signs To Look Out For

What Makes Great Parents? Here Are Signs To Look Out For
30/06/2020 admin

 Are you having “mom guilt” or wondering if you are doing it right? That alone shows you are a good mum. Parenting is hard and there is no right or wrong way to Parent. What works for you and your baby is the right way.


Keep reading on how to know you are parenting right and a great one at that.


  • You make family time your priority: Irrespective of your crazy work hours and tiring traffic you face to and fro if you find yourself still prioritizing your family and ensuring the observance of family time as a ritual. You are the best. Kids who have regular dinner with their parents do better in school and have higher self-esteem than those who don’t. Keep the good work mom, you are the best.


Good Parenting Tips

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  • You set a good example: No one is perfect; even parents are not. You know you are a great parent when you try your best in dropping those bad habits. Your kids watch your every move. The bad habits may range from smoking, disobeying traffic orders, using foul words, and so on. You are doing great if you allow your kids to replicate something positive.



  • Your kids act well when you are not around: When your child does not give in to negative peer pressure when you are not around them, that’s a sign of great parenting. You truly know you are doing something right when you are not around and they do all the right things you taught them.  It shows in the little things, such as them observing healthy precautions while at school, praying before eating, and so on.




  • Your child trusts you: If your child trusts you when it comes to facing problems. It means you are their first port of call when trouble arises. You have provided a secure base your child could return to when he or she needs help. It is better to encourage this attitude by welcoming your kids with open arms and listen to them. This act alone builds the relationship to be open to communication about things that are difficult. This way they can discuss their thoughts and feelings without fearing your reaction. 


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