12 Potty Training Tips Mums Swear By!

12 Potty Training Tips Mums Swear By!
19/02/2020 Tosin Olufemi

Potty training can be scary especially for a first time mum, or even a mum that is training a different sex! It isn’t a walk in the park but shouldn’t be a nightmare either. You just need to arm yourself with the right information you need to get started, and have a lot of patience.


Here are 12 potty training tips mums swear by.


1. Your baby must be ready

Nothing is easier than training a child that is ready. If your child is beginning to show interest in her potty, and other toilet activities like flushing and hand washing, or even simply tells you when she poops in her diaper. Those are signs you need to pay attention to. You may be ready for the potty training journey.]

2. Get your house ready

Potty training can get messy, especially in the early days. There will be lots of accidents. Therefore, you want to get your house ready. Cover your couch with water proof sheets or mackintosh, roll up the rug or carpet in a confined part of the house where you will spend most of the time with your child for the first few days.

3. Be Available

Ensure you only start potty training when you have at least 3 full days to spare. In these 3 days, your baby will go butt naked within the house while you take time to study his bowel movement, frequency and pattern.

4. Praise but not too much

Let your child know you are proud of him when he pees in the potty and document it on your potty sheet if you can. Acknowledge it but don’t dwell.

5. Don’t get mad if accidents happen

Accidents will happen. Poop and pee accidents. So get ready and brace yourself. Don’t scream or get upset. Your baby will learn and do better if you guide him rather than shout. Overreacting can either make the child scared to go next time which eventually leads to constipation.

6. Build the Excitement

Let your child be aware that something big is about to happen. Build the excitement. Raise the hype.  Practice potty dances together. Go potty and other gadgets shopping together. Create a potty corner.

7. It’s okay to Bribe

I know a school of thought will disagree with this but really there is nothing more motivating than a reward for toddlers. In fact, for anyone. Have a reward system and stick to it. Make sure it is what you can keep up with.

8. Be Consistent

You either go all in or be out. You can’t potty train today and slap on the diaper tomorrow. It’s confusing for your child. Show up daily with treats, rewards and the potty!

9. It takes time

Be patient, just like walking, talking, and other milestones, potty training takes time.

10. You both have to be stable

If you just had another baby, or moving houses, now is not the best time to potty train except someone is there to help you.  Be stable both physically and emotionally when you want to potty train.

11. Teach Hygiene

Every potty time should be hand washing time. Also teach them how to wipe after using the potty.

12. Be Flexible with Nighttime and nap time

You can use pull-ups at night if you want to ace day time training first. You can do both at the same time if you want. Do what works for you and your baby.

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