Potty Training: How To Know Your Child Is Ready

Potty Training: How To Know Your Child Is Ready
20/02/2020 Tosin Olufemi

I get asked very often “What is the right age for potty training?” My answer is there is no “right time” to potty training your child.

Every child is unique and so is every family structure. You need to study your child and watch out for signs of readiness. Now that’s when your son or daughter is ready to be potty trained. I always advise mums to start placing their kids on the potty around 8 months, not to potty train them but to get them used to the potty so it is not strange when it’s time.

The secret to potty training is to stay in tune with your child’s learning pattern.

Here are common readiness signs
  1. Pulling at wet or dirty diaper
  2. Seeking privacy or hiding to pee or poop
  3. Imitating others going to the toilet and copying what they are doing
  4. Telling you they are about to poop or wee in their diaper. Some kids tell you after they have, or use body language.
  5. Diaper change struggle
  6. Dry diaper often after naps
  7. Interest in potty and other toilet activities like flushing, hand washing, etc
  8. She poops and wee on a predictable schedule
  9. He can say “Pee” and “Poo”
  10. She can sit and stand from the potty.





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