9 Great Tips To Improve Your Child’s Level Of Concentration

9 Great Tips To Improve Your Child’s Level Of Concentration
18/01/2021 Mayowa

Before we go into tips to improve concentration, let’s look at the common causes for lack of concentration and focus.   Kids have a very short attention span and possibly struggling with homeschooling at the moment. If you are in these shoes, These tips will help you. Keep reading.


Non-clinical common causes of lack of concentration in children.

1. Inadequate Sleep

Children need up to 9-10 hours of sleep per day. Lack of or insufficient sleep can make learning difficult.

2. Poor Nutrition

The brain and body require a balanced diet to function and develop properly. Poor nutrition will make a child’s focus underdevelop.

3. Dehydration

Dehydration can also lead to other issues can that affect the ability to focus.

4. Family Stress

Family issues can cause anxiety and agitation in children. This makes them very distracted.

5. Lack of Physical Activities and Exercise

Moving gets everything in the body moving. Lack of physical activities can cause fatigue (both physical and mental).

10 Tips to improve your child’s concentration
1. Determine what’s holding them back

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to learning and different kids have different challenges when it comes to attention span, reading, and writing. So Parents need to find out, what is actually holding them back.

2. Good Nutrition

Consistently eating foods that support growth and development is essential.

3. Plenty of Water

As irrelevant and unrelated as water seems to brain functionality, it is very intertwined. In fact, having enough water in their system throughout the day is the first and basic step to improving their level of concentration.

4. Go Outside

It’s easy to get comfortable indoors. However, physical activities are good and needed regularly for proper development. It releases chemicals needed for learning and focus.


5. Reduce Distractions

When you need the kids to focus, you need to reduce the distractions in their environment. Children get carried away easily and distractions around them will only enable it.


6. Start Routines

Doing the same activity e.g. homework at the same time of day makes it a routine. Routines prepare the mind and brain for what’s coming making it easier to pay attention when it’s time.


7. Set a time to complete a goal

Set time limits (e.g. 20 minutes) to each goal you want them to achieve. This gives children something to work towards.  In case it is an activity that they don’t enjoy, it also helps them know it will be ending soon.


8. Play games that require focusing

Play games that require thinking and concentration. You can play a game that involves balance. A good game you can explore is the book balance game. Simply place a book on your head and another on your child’s head and you both walk in a straight line. If the book falls, you start all over. This game takes over the mind as it requires full attention and focus and helps the child focus on just that activity. Simple yoga for kids is another option you can explore.

9. Keep tasks and instructions simple

Giving children multiple tasks at the same time can be overwhelming. Simplify each task and instruction per time. This makes the goal clearer and easier to achieve.


What other tips work for you? Please share with us.


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